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Short Term Training Programme

The International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS) serves as a regional institute for training and research in population studies for the ESCAP region. It was established in Bombay in July 1956. Till July 1970 it was known as the Demographic Training and Research Centre (DTRC). In 1985 it was renamed as the International Institute for Population Studies. At the time of establishment, the institute was entrusted with the responsibility of undertaking training and research in population study. Currently the Institute is engaged in three major activities namely teaching, research and training.

                The institute has from time to time, conducted short-term training programmes for various organizations covering various themes and issues. The training programmes have been sponsored by various organizations like WHO, UNFPA, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Government of India, various state governments, Department of Family Welfare, etc. The University Grants Commission sponsored refresher courses have also been organized at IIPS. Training programmes have also been conducted for senior level official, of the state family welfare departments, for district family welfare officers, officials from different NGOs and international agencies. Personnel from various Asian, African, European countries like Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Iran, Bhutan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Botswana, Kenya, Ethiopia,  Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, etc. The duration of the courses has also varied, from one weeks to four weeks. IIPS conducts two kinds of training programmes, first one is as per the demand or requirements of the external agencies (donor agencies) and second one is totally designed by IIPS on core areas of population and health.

Some of the important areas of short term training programmes are given below.

  1. Demography, Gender and Reproductive Health
  2. Application of  Qualitative Methods of Data Collection
  3. Demographic Techniques and Application of Software Packages
  4. Application of SPSS for Data Analysis
  5. Life Table Construction and Population Projections
  6. Large Scale Survey Research: Theory and Practice
  7. Population Growth and Development: Linkages and Challenges
  8. Analysis of Vital Statistics from Civil Registration System
  9. Strengthening State Plans for Human Development-District Levels Vital Statistics: Methodology, Software and Training
  10. Large Scale Sample Survey (LSSS) in Demographic and Health Research
  11. UGC Sponsored Refresher course for teachers of University and College on Population Studies
  12. Refresher Course in Demography for In-service ISS Officers of Government of India
  13. Population Growth and Development: Linkages and Challenges


Short Term Training Programme Coordinators

Dr. Kailas Chandra Das




Tel: 022-42372424 / 612

Dr. Hemkhothang Lhungdim


Tel: 022-42372414



Director and Senior Prof.F.Ram giving Inaugural speech along with Dr.K.C.Das.

Demographic Training Program Session

Group photo for Short-term training Programme

Construction of Life table Session in Seminar Hall